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Yuyao Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment Co., Ltd.

Yuyao Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment Co., Ltd.


Yuyao Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of refrigeration equipment such as ice cream machine, juice dispenser, slush machine and some other related products.

As a leading company in refrigeration equipment manufacturing, we focus on planning and developing new ice cream machines, slush machines, and juice dispensers that are renowned for the innovation and the highest quality level. By adopting international standards, popularizing advanced know-how and strengthening quality control, we obtain the CE certification from TUV. Also ISO9001 quality systems have been promoted among the production of ice cream machines, slush machine and juice dispensers. Our products have successfully entered the market of Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe and Africa.

We make a special effort to provide quality and varity in ourice cream machine, slush machine and juice dispenser. For instance, the overrun of the ice cream machine is between 33% and 45%. It is an ideal overrun ratio for soft serve ice cream machines, the ice cream tastes more creamier, more smoother.

The Company's consistent commitment to technological excellence and its good after-sales services guarantee the continuous development in the past years. Insisting on the principle of "Quality, Service", let us promote the business with concerted efforts and achieve new heights.




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