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The difference between SPACEMAN Ice Cream Machine and SPACE Ice Cream Machine.


The difference between SPACEMAN Ice Cream Machine and SPACE Ice Cream Machine.  
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When you read this article, you may become confused. What is the difference between Space Ice Cream Machine and Spaceman Ice Cream Machine? Let me explain it about the two Ice Cream Machine factories.
About 3 years ago, we are the same company. Because of some unexpected things, for instance, the common value, the quality controlling about the ice cream machine, slush machine and juice dispenser, we become two companies, we still locate in the old place. Spaceman move to another place, the register address is still ours. You can visit to see the address of us. At the same time, you can also visit and download the ice cream machine CE certificate, you will find the register address are the same. 
There are many advanced technologies integrated into this HIGH-TECH machine compared the old Spaceman Ice Cream Machines. The entire processing system of ice cream machine is controlled by Microcontroller. This humanity design brings the most convenient to you when operate the ice cream freezer. The old soft ice cream machine models have 6 –position switch, you should control it by hand, but the new models we provided contain the advanced technology, you do not change the 6-position switch, you just press the button controlled by the microcontroller
The current voltage will be displayed on the monitor of the soft serve ice cream machine. With the help of the automatic counting system, your can get the information how many ice cream your produced. Now, we choose the stainless steel instead of the iron in the beater. The new models install the new pumps. When the pump works, the gear become dirty easily about the old ice cream machines, while the new model does not.
We are devoting main energy to R&D, We also build a new website to support and display our new products, the new website is
If you have interesting in it, you can just order one ice cream machine for some tests, after the tests, I am sure , you can make a better choice.
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