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Which ice cream machine you will choose?


Whichice cream machine you will choose, the excellent quality ice cream machines or just low price ice cream machines?

There are many ice cream machine factories andice cream machine suppliers in China. For example, the Shenzhen Oceanpower Industrial Co.,ltd., the Jiangmen Jingling Refrigeration Enterprise Ltd.,and Yuyao Newman Ice Systems Co., Ltd.
Compared to the otherice cream machine suppliers, the price of us is not the lowest in China, even the price of the ice cream machine is a few percent higher, but the quotation is the reasonable price.
Why? Because of the excellent quality of the ice cream machine. When we send the quotation to our potential customers, most of them will said that the price is so expensive compared to the other ice cream machine factories. Maybe you also have this opinions.
Let me tell you some more detailed information about the production of Yuyao Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment Co., Ltd. During the production of theice cream machines, first, Yuyao Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment will choose the qualified spare parts . This is the most important for the quality of the ice cream machines. For example, we will choose the stainless structure, the Aspera or Danfoss Compressors, the Danfoss valve, copper pipe condenser. After the installation of the soft ice cream machine, we will test it for a long time. For instance, we can finish the twenty units of ice cream maker within ten days, but we will use another ten days to test these ice cream freezers to make sure the good quality.
So, when you receive the different quotations of ice cream machines, do not hesitate any more. The ice cream machine from Yuyao Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment Co., Ltd. is your best choice.
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