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China professional Ice Cream Machine manufacturers and suppliers.
Frankly speaking, the price is a few percent higher than any otherice cream machine manufacturers in China, but the quotation of ourice cream machine is the reasonable price.  
There are many soft ice cream machine models you could choose, for instance, the ice cream machine model 225,ice cream machine 225A (Table model), soft ice cream machine 240, soft ice cream machine 240A, ice cream machine freezer 248, soft serve ice cream machine 248A,ice cream maker 368 andice cream freezer 368A. These ice cream machines products sells well.
Now, I would like to give you more detailed information about our ice cream machine from Yuyao Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment Co., Ltd. You will get more knowledge about our soft ice cream machines. And at the same time, you will agree with what I said that the quotation is the reasonable price.
1.    The structure of the ice cream machine is stainless steel, from NC machine tools. Some other ice cream machine manufacturers will choose iron as the ice cream machine structure material. And the material of the ice cream freezer panel is also iron. Compared to the stainless material, the iron is more cheaper than stainless steel. You can open the ice cream maker panel and you will find the difference.
2.    Danfoss,Aspera and Maneurop are the main compressor of our soft ice cream machines. We import these compressors from aboard directly. The most important components of the ice cream machines is the compressors just like the heart of the human.
But some other factories will choose the compressors which used in Air Conditioner. Even they will choose the second-hand compressors as the “heart” about the ice cream machines. So far as we know, some manufacturers would choose second-hand Aspera compressors. If you are not the experts in the refrigeration equipment field, you could not know that which is new and which is second-hand compressors.
3.    The second most important components is the expansion valve. Usually, some other factories would use expansion valve from the local Chinese market. In order to make sure the good quality of the ice cream machine, we choose the Danfoss expansion valve. As everyone knows, Danfoss is a famous company in the word market.
4.    There are many belt pulley producers in China. If you just want to reduce the cost of the machine, you can choose the belt pulley which is just 50 RMB per unit.
Balancing test is the key factor for the belt pulley. Of course, those producers which has the balancing test equipment is the first belt pulley suppliers for us. The price of these belt pulley is about 400 RMB per unit.
50 RMB or 400 RMB? We choose 400 RMB. The price of our ice cream machine is out of line with those of our competitors.
5.    In order to reduce the ice cream machine cost, the reducer is produced by theice cream machine factories itself. But I think we should pay great attention to the quality of the reducers, the ice cream machines. So, all of the reducer we chose are from the professional reducer companies.  
       The temperature of the ice cream is a standard of measurement about the ice cream freezer. The ice cream temperatures ranges between -5 and -7 is a better stage. If the ice cream temperature is about -4,it would melt quickly when it is very hot.
6.    We do not say anything against the others. Though we are a small company, people say that size matters less than quality. It is essential to give top priority to quality. We want to establish long term business relationship between us. We want to find our partner in the world market, not only theice cream machine distributors.
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