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 ICE CREAM MACHINE DESCRIPTION-Yuyao Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment Co., Ltd.

I make a description about the ice cream machine, by the way your can have a better understanding about oursoft serve ice cream machine
We have many ice cream machines that you can choose, for instance, the ice cream machine 240, it can produce 40 liter ice cream per hour. Maybe it will have a better market in country. You can also chooseice cream machine model 240A. The last letter A represents the Pump in the ice cream machine hopper. With the help of the Pump in the ice cream hopper, this ice cream freezer has a better expensive rate of ice cream, so you can produce more ice cream from this ice soft serve freezer. The operator would have a better profit. Maybe this model will be popular in your country.
 We also have some other models you can choose, for example, ice cream machine model 218, ice cream machine 218A, ice cream machine 225, ice cream machine 225A, ice cream machine 350, ice cream machine 350A,ice cream machine 248, ice cream machine 348, ice cream machine 368, ice cream machine 368A and ice cream machine 338A. The last two numbers represents the capability it produces per hour. Take ice cream machine model 218 for example, the last two number 18 represents the capability it produces 18 liter per hour. The letter A represents the Pump in hopper it equipped. The first number means the voltage of the ice cream freezer. Take model 350 for an example, the first number is 2, it means that the voltage of this freezer is 220V.
 Now I will introduce you the model 248, it have two driven motors. When the business is not very busy, you can start one motor only. It would save the power and reduce you cost. Ice cream machine 368\368A also have two driven motors.

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